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Your Private Membership Site

TODAY I'm looking for beta testers for my new site.

If this is the first time you have heard about the upcoming launch,
let me update you. My designers have been working around the clock
on my new site: What a great domain name!

It's looking fantastic.

What's it about?

I run a multi-million dollar corporation, specializing in creating
products and marketing them to the public. We have been in the
response marketing business for the past 20 years, and when we
moved ONLINE 3 years ago, our first product quickly brought in over
3 million in sales.

For the first time ever, I am revealing each step and the complete
process that you can copy for yourself to bring in lots of mo.ney!

We're talking about a true revelation: How do we create products?
How do we write sales letters? Where do we advertise? Where do we
get the best lists? What lists? How do we track and test the

How do we know we have a Million Dollar Winner?

This is the stuff that each and everyday, my customers have been
asking me. EVERYDAY! I need to know this confidential

Now you can. Be a Beta Tester, and test the site out.

I'll show you how to get in for ONE buck about a week before
launching. So I need you do me a favor:

If you would like to be a beta-tester, please visit and sign up. Only the people who are on that
list will get the private invitation!

Thanks for your time...
I'm Kit Elliott, and the next time I'll see you is ON THE INSIDE!

Kit Elliott

P.S. If you haven't heard of, email me at for the details or visit and sign up for the free
teleseminar today!


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Friday, August 05, 2005


9 Days to Free Traffic

Hi there.

I recently launched my eBook titled The Traffic Toolchest. It is doing phenomenal numbers. I am pleased with the results after ONE week! I guess if you have an eBook titled The Traffic Toolchest; it better be successful. *smile*

As stated in my eBook, I wrote the book because I was reading a popular forum one day and came across a post. A guy had been selling products on the internet and he had posted, "My sales are down. I really don't know what to do. Does anybody have any suggestions? I am getting a little worried."

That made me realize that he and a million others just like him are in the same boat. I instantly went to work combining all the latest traffic secrets that usually the internet guru's only knew about. I spent months on research, interviews, seminars, eBooks, eCourses, etc.. You name it, I did it. Finally it all came together just as planned, and I launched it on August 1st. August 1st was a Monday, so I spent all weekend testing the links, the downloads, the price points, the sales letters, the autoresponders, the advertising, etc...

I was amazed and puzzled when I looked at my buyer's account over the weekend and had seen 10 sales in my inbox from The Traffic Toolchest. What? Those can't be sales from The Traffic Toolchest. I hadn't even set a price point. I am just testing the links. Help!

I had set up The Traffic Toolchest months before, and I had used some of the tricks in my eBook, and it was already ranked using several keywords. People were typing in keywords and visiting my site from the search engines. I had 10 sales at a big whopping price of $0.00. *smile*

Of course, I hadn't filled in the download information on the fulfillment page yet. So I'm sure my buyers were elated when they pulled out their credit card just to be charged $0.00, but confused when they saw my download page. I apologize to those ten.

That led me to my next adventure. I received an email from several who couldn't afford the $47 for the eBook. I had seen John Reese selling his enormous Traffic Secrets for $997. I had seen other programs that offered a lot less information selling for $250 and higher. We are all here to make a decent living, but I really wanted to help these people. After all, people just starting out do not have the funds to purchase all the bells and whistles.

I created a FREE eBook titled 9 Days to Free Traffic. I thought people who want an affordable solution should pick up this eBook. I offer a day to day step by step guide for people who cannot afford to spend money on all the Traffic products and services. You do have to pay Clickbank's product listing charge, but that's it. Everything else in it is FREE (or offers a 30 day free trial).

If you would like a free copy of 9 Days to Free Traffic, please visit and sign up. Download the eBook immediately! If you have a website, please sign up to be an affiliate to The Traffic Toolchest. If you sign up, I will send you emails on contests, prizes, and free trips that I award twice each year to my top selling affiliate. If you do not want to sign up, you can offer The Traffic Toolchest on your website just by inserting your clickbank code to .

As usual, if there is anything I can do to help, please don't hesitate to email me.

Yours for Success,
Kit Elliott

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


RSS feeds are easy to add to your website!

I’m here to teach you about how RSS Feeds can boost traffic for your website. You may have heard of it, but I guarantee you are not harnessing the full power of the tool. RSS Feeds are very hot, and the marketing pro’s are getting their websites listed in Google within 2 to 3 days.

What is an RSS Feed?

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication.” Think of RSS this way: Whenever a writer who belongs to a syndicate writes a column, they don’t just write it for their local paper, every article goes up on the newswire and any paper who belongs to the syndicate can reprint it.

You don't have to have a reader to add an RSS feed to your website. However, if you want to view all the news about a certain topic, you have to download an RSS Reader, a program that combines all the news online in one place. You can download a reader for free at Once you’ve downloaded a reader, you can click any topic that suits your need, and only those topics will be delivered right to you..

Why would I put RSS on my website?

An RSS feed can be thought of like this. Let’s take five news sources (Yahoo, MSN, CNN, ESPN, FOX). An RSS reader would scan all five news sources and take each headline and create a summary of the article. Now, you can actually sort the news stories and have only the ones you are interested in delivered right to your website from all five news sources.

Search Engines are crawling websites and looking for fresh content. If you have an RSS Feed, you are getting up to the minute news stories. These constantly change whenever a new story comes out. The Search Engines will give you a higher Page Rank because it thinks your page is updated on a regular basis.

How do I add one to my website?

I tried an RSS Feed for the first time, and it took less than five minutes. Here’s what it looks like:

Bush Celebrates Shuttle's Launch (AP)NASA sends shuttle back into space after long pause (Reuters)Shuttle Discovery Blasts Into Orbit (AP)NASA's aging workhorse returns to space (AFP)NASA Returns to Flight as Discovery Reaches Orbit ( /

As you can see, this is my very first RSS Feed. All the news stories within the last hour regarding the shuttle launch are now listed for me and my visitors to read. Guess what? It took less than 5 minutes, and I instantly have an RSS Feed.

Why do I need one?

Search Engines are crawling your site and if you are not providing quality, up to the minute content then you are getting placed further down the rankings. Your competition who has this information is getting FREE advertising from the Search Engines who are placing their page 1st or 2nd when users search for a particular keyword.

How do I put an RSS Feed on my site?

You can now place an RSS Feed on your website in THREE easy steps.

Step 1: Search for topics that you are currently interested in (use Yahoo).
When you see an orange RSS or XML box like the one above, you know that article is compatible with a feed. Copy the URL of the webpage.

Step 2: Go to and paste the URL in the digest for them to create a two line code for your webpage. You can also copy and paste the long page of code if you understand programming.

Step 3: In Frontpage, Go to Insert - a web component - html markup and paste the two or three line script that RSS Digest gave you. Check it out! Your first RSS Feed!

Try it yourself right now, create your first RSS feed in under five minutes, FREE! The only way you can truly learn about them is for you to JUMP in FEET FIRST! If you would like other great traffic ideas, visit . You will find over 70 up to the minute ways to drive quality traffic to your website.

Kit Elliott is the author of The Traffic Toolchest. His ethical approach to marketing make him one of the top experts in his field. Visit his site at now.

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